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Leaders Portfolio is an interview show featuring in-studio interviews with business leaders focused on leadership and their company story.


Leaders Portfolio is a CEO leadership interview show hosted by a leader (incorporating intellectual insight from three Ivy League graduate degrees), about top leaders (from Fortune 1000/Inc. 500 CEOS to CEOs of smaller, yet award-winning businesses), for all leaders (listenership is the business community). The show does not accept guest referrals, nor does it follow the pay-for-play model. CEOs are selected to appear after they have demonstrated patterns of success in their business sector. Esteemed sponsors targeting the business community provide funding for the show and capitalize on the ability to reach the high-net worth/business audience with minimal dollars.

Leaders Portfolio which started in the Washington, DC talk radio market, is now available in digital media format. Leaders Portfolio shows are available 24/7 as audiocasts here on our website. We feature these FREE audiocasts of CEO interviews for those interested in learning how to be a better leader.  Leaders Portfolio audiocasts are designed to share the leader’s approach and philosophy, challlenges and successes, and methods for navigating their market sector during the present economic climate.

Dr. Blacksmith’s Leadership Philosophy

Many leaders have achieved patterns of success in a particular business sector at various levels. Some achieve fairly high levels or showcase patterns of success in multiple sectors. Some are considered a leader because of their position title while others have guided a group of people in applying a unique leadership philosophy.

I propose an additional threshold for leaders which I term the Panoptic Leader. I define the Panoptic Leader as someone who exhibits patterns of success in their professional work, but attempts to integrate a life philosophy designed to infuse leadership into all sectors of their life including family, colleagues, community and world. The term panoptic refers to “presenting a comprehensive view” so that a panoptic leader is someone who comprehensively applies leadership principles to all spheres of their lives.

The real question becomes can we only aspire to be a panoptic leader or are there people who have achieved it? If we are imperfect individuals, then performing consistent patterns of success in all life areas is impossible. But an individual who attempts that framework might truly be called a Panoptic Leader.

Respected by many, pleasing few, apologizing often, while creating value.


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