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Dr. Steve Armentrout – Founder and CEO, Parabon Computation

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Recognizing the strong, latent demand for supercomputation in the sciences, medicine and industry, Steven Armentrout, Ph.D., President and CEO, founded Parabon Computation, Inc. in 1999. Dr. Armentrout is a Computer Scientist with over 25 years of experience designing, developing and deploying scientifically and computationally complex software solutions.

An expert in adapting algorithms for grid execution, Dr. Armentrout frequently lecturers on the topic of grid computing. He serves as a member of VisionShared, an economic development advisory board for the State of West Virginia, and is on Technology Advisory Boards for the Computer Science departments of James Madison University and West Virginia University.

Prior to founding Parabon, Dr. Armentrout was Director of Research and Portfolio Manager for The Burney Company, a national investment management firm, and directed its quantitative computation initiatives. Early in his career, he founded Neural Analytics, where his financial modeling work won recognition by the Q-Group, the world’s most distinguished financial collective.

Dr. Armentrout earned his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Maryland, and his computer modeling work has been featured in scientific, medical, and technical journals, including Science, Neural Computation, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Clinical Cancer Research.


Interview Air Date: April 1, 2009


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