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Tom Gibson – Chairman and CEO, Coulter

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tomgibsonTom Gibson’s professional career has been devoted to a singular goal: to make good organizations great. Since 1989, when the first of The Coulter Companies was launched, Gibson has articulated a consistent vision that The Coulter Companies exists for a central purpose: to work with socially progressive, high-potential organizations in transformative ways.

At The Coulter Companies and its business units, this clear sense of who we are permeates our corporate culture and resides at the foundation of our intelligent and successful expansion. It is a vision carried forward by a remarkable staff of creative and energetic professionals who share the founder’s passion for transformational thinking made real through excellence in implementation.

Gibson is a thoughtful and empowering executive who believes deeply in the limitless potential of people and organizations. Reflective of his undergraduate English and public policy focus, Gibson helps to refine the elements of each client’s unique story, which is then woven into the fabric of organizational action. Gibson is a sought-after expert in the development, design, and management of sophisticated advocacy, public affairs, communications, branding and fundraising campaigns.

As chief strategist for The Coulter Companies and its business units, Gibson’s role is to serve both as an internal consultant to his colleagues and as a strategic resource to clients. It is Gibson’s further role to ensure the vibrant corporate culture and intent of The Coulter Companies remains undiluted by static thinking. Finally, it is his responsibility to inspire his colleagues to find and fulfill their own vast potential, and in the process, help propel their clients to unexpected heights.

Prior to founding The Coulter Companies, in 1983, Gibson co-launched and served as a senior association executive and lobbyist for the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel), a prominent telecommunications industry trade association. Under Gibson’s leadership, CompTel emerged as the “voice” of the long-distance telephone industry as well as a highly influential public policy advocate for the creation and implementation of a competitive business model.

In addition to his proven expertise in the comprehensive development of nonprofit organizations, Gibson is an experienced government affairs professional, having served as an adviser and fundraiser for various federal candidates and campaigns.

A Florida native, Gibson is an honors graduate of Duke University, with post-graduate work completed at The George Washington University. Gibson is a member of and active in key industry professional organizations, and serves on an array of philanthropic and corporate boards.

Gibson, his wife, Suzanne, and their triplet 15-year-old daughters reside in Great Falls, Virginia.

Interview Air Date: March 12, 2011


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