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Craig M. Liddell, PhD, Chairman & CEO Amulet Pharmaceuticals

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Rebecca with Craig M. Liddell

Craig Liddell is an experienced executive and respected senior-level scientist with extensive experience managing dynamic technology, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical businesses. At Paradigm Genetics Inc. he established, built and managed teams of over 80 in informatics and bioinformatics to deliver on over $160 million in commercial contracts. Wrote and won $22.8 million grant from NIST-ATP — largest-ever bioinformatics grant awarded by NIST or any other competitive grant body in the U.S. Contributed to successful IPO of Paradigm Genetics Inc. during down-turning market in 2000. Dr. Liddell successfully launched Paradigm Genetics Inc. healthcare business in 2000 and secured ~$50 million in multi-year commitments by 2001. The company recently sold the healthcare business to Clinical Data Inc. The company sold the agricultural business to MONSANTO Corp. in 2004. Dr. Liddell helped found and establish Artesian Therapeutics Inc., a start-up cardiovascular therapeutics company, with a capital raise of just under $6M in 2002. The company was recently sold to CARDIOME Pharma Inc. Dr. Liddell assisted several small companies in 2004 and 2005 with fund raising, sales and marketing and executive management and leadership including BioFortis Inc. of Baltimore, MD — a biomedical research information technology company. He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AMULET Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Baltimore, MD, and sits on the Board of BioFortis Inc.


Interview Air Date: April 8, 2008


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